Architectural design

Attic lab is a platform to experiment and research on architecture and art. Weoffer all kind of architectural design services. Attic lab focuses on merging nature and builds space in a cohesive manner. Attic Lab offers best architectural design services in Kerala and is one of the best architects in Calicut.

Attic lab engage in a critical design language that focalize the limits of architecture& home design, we aim to create solutions that are both local yet global, inspired by the specifications of the site location, client needs and the community. Lab offers integrated design services and solutions for the built and unbuilt environment, lighting and furniture design.

The project is a home studio for architect couple. Both practicing architects and share the passion for architecture, music and painting. The site has an extent of 3 cents and has marshy soil condition. Space needed to be flexible and work as a work space, place to practice music and discussion space. Designed needed to be compact and modern in its material and construction. The budget was a major concern along with construction time. Initially our idea was to have separate space for music & architecture. The triangular profile of the design comes from attic, a space that doesn’t requires walls thus reducing the need for a heavy foundation and thus cost. The whole space is divided into two levels ground floor and attic level. Which act as work space and leisure respectively.

What We DO


All experimentation with space, light and material can then be done with architecture till the final result is achieved.


Attic Lab has in house CAD and computer 3D Modelling specialists, which helps the client to visualize their project in the best possible manner.


We adopt all interior design ideas that must deal with all issues unique to our economics, history, diversity and our context.


We deploy all the conventional strategies by responding to the local climate and liveability parameters, and are economically viable and efficient.

Our bureau’s projects!

All our projects are unique.Our design approach is inspired by the process of evolution in nature and our belief in creativity.We believe that efficient design is created from careful studyand analysis with client’s requirements.

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