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Welcome to AtticLab, a renowned architectural firm actively involved in numerous projects across South India and select parts of North India. Our expertise lies in Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape & Architectural services, as well as Building Material Promotions.

Our Architecture Firm was founded in 2012 in Parappanangadi. It was born out of a passion to transform people’s lives by designing incredible spaces for them to live and work in. In addition to projects for homes and work spaces, we are also passionate about creating public spaces in important spots across the city. We design with you in mind. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.


2017 Ace Alpha Shortlisted - Best 3 Office Projects
2018 Trendz Awards - Best Office Project
2018 NDTV Awards - Best Office Interior
2018 Vanitha Veedu Awards - Young Architect Award
2018 Wade Asia Awards - Best Office Project
2019 iGlitz Award - Best Office Project
2019 Studio Matter - Best Office Project
2019 Global Future Awards - Best Office Project

Attic Lab featured in Archdaily - 2018
Attic Lab featured in Home Review - 2018
Attic Lab featured in INSIDE OUTSIDE- 2018
Attic Lab featured in IA&B - 2018


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Architecture & Services



  1. Please note that the initial site visit fee of Rs. 25,000/- is nonrefundable under all circumstances once the site visit has been completed and the initial proposal has been provided.

  2. Electronic copies of drawings will not be furnished on-site.

  3. Both the client and the builder are required to be present at the office for an in-person meeting prior to commencing the construction & Interior process.

  4. Architect or his representative shall assist for material selection for one day only  (Additional days will be chargeable Rs.15000/Day)   

  5. Site supervision involves verifying the implementation of designs and drawings at the project site.

  6. Atticlab consistently recommends utilizing builders or contractors affiliated with Atticlab to uphold standards of quality and workmanship.

  7. Atticlab shall not be held accountable for any quality or workmanship concerns arising from the builder or contractor arranged by the client. Atticlab will make site visits to confirm structural execution per drawings. For quality assurance, a client-appointed full-time site supervisor is recommended.

  8. Before starting construction, all involved parties—builders, contractors, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc.—must meet at Atticlab. This meeting should also involve the client and Atticlab's architect, junior architect, or site engineer.

  9. Atticlab does not include a full-time site supervisor in any package. If a client requires one, they must arrange and cover the costs for accommodation and payment.

  10. In order to arrange for a site visit, please inform the architect's office at least one week prior to the intended shuttering date to ensure the necessary preparations.

  11. Prior to commencing the execution, the contractor/builder is required to verify the accuracy of all drawings at the site and communicate any discrepancies to the office

  12. Please ensure that any required services such as drawings or necessary changes from our end at the site are communicated in advance and appointments are scheduled accordingly. We kindly request that short-notice communications regarding these matters be avoided.

  13. If services are terminated by the client, they must settle charges for work done up to that point. Drawings completed will be given, without electronic copies.

  14. Our office operates during the weekdays from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM IST. We kindly request that no calls or discussions take place outside of these hours. Furthermore, communication with the personal contacts of our staff members will not be considered.

  15. Drawings corresponding to each stage shall be provided solely upon receipt of the stipulated payment according to the provided schedules. Drawings will not be released to the builder or contractor, except to the client.

  16. Upon the completion of the plan and 3D design approval, any subsequent revisions to the drawings will incur charges. The fees will be determined based on the scope and time required for the revisions.

  17. The consultancy fee covers double-height spaces, car porch, pool, water bodies, and courtyards, provided that detailed drawings are supplied on-site. Failure to consider these aspects will result in no corresponding deliverables.

  18. Atticlab provides full drawings and documents for the building permit, handed to the client. No office coordination with bureaucrats.

  19. Prior to initiating interior design work, clients should notify if they intend to incorporate any existing items such as furniture or electronic devices from their previous properties.  

Business Promotions

For reviewing of any architecture related materials/products.

Please contact us: +91 9645145151 Our team will check and verify the quality and authenticity of products/materials and will do a review of the product and will be published for the general awareness and promotion of the product.



Our paramount objective is to provide exceptional architectural services and deliver informative and captivating content through our videos. Prior to creating any video, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of the product we are showcasing. Please be aware that any issues or concerns related to the product or business are the sole responsibility of the respective company. Neither AtticLab nor myself can be held liable for such matters. We kindly urge you to thoroughly acquaint yourself with all pertinent details concerning the product and business. For direct communication or inquiries, we recommend contacting the specific company involved.

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