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About Attic School of Design (ASD)

AtticLab's educational initiative, Aid, focuses on imparting essential knowledge about interior design. Tailored for graduates with backgrounds in B.Tech, Diploma, and D.Arch, this program is a gateway to expanding their skills. Through Aid, students can delve into the intricacies of interior design, gaining insights and practical know-how. AtticLab's commitment to education ensures that graduates are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic field of interior design with confidence. AtticLab envisions empowering a new generation of designers, encouraging innovation and excellence in interior design.

Finishing School in Design

AID, driven by a mission to narrow the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, takes a bold step in providing hands-on experience. Recognizing the importance of technical skills in the field of interior design, this initiative strives to equip individuals with the practical know-how needed for on-site work. Through carefully designed modules, AID immerses participants in the fundamentals of interior design, ensuring they gain a solid foundation in essential technical aspects. The program's hands-on approach fosters a seamless transition from academia to the dynamic world of designing interior spaces, preparing individuals for the challenges they may encounter in real-world scenarios. With AID, AtticLab extends its commitment to nurturing well-rounded professionals in the field of interior design.

Who Can Join?

Students who have completed the following programme are welcome to explore the enriching opportunities offered by our educational initiatives at AID.

  • D.Arch

  • DiIploma 

  • B-tech


Architectural finishing encompasses a broad range of topics that focus on the final touches and details of a building project. In an architectural finishing school, students may cover various subjects related to the aesthetic, functional, and technical aspects of completing a building. Here is a list of potential topics that might be covered in such a school:

  1. Interior Design:

    • Principles of interior design

    • Space planning and utilization

    • Color theory and application

    • Lighting design

    • Furniture and fixture selection

  2. Exterior Finishes:

    • Facade design and materials

    • Cladding systems

    • Roofing materials and design

    • Landscape design

  3. Materials and Finishes:

    • Selection of flooring materials

    • Wall finishes and coverings

    • Ceilings and acoustic solutions

    • Sustainable and eco-friendly materials

  4. Construction Technology:

    • Building systems and technologies

    • Smart home integration

    • Energy-efficient solutions

    • Building automation

  5. Project Management:

    • Budgeting and cost estimation

    • Project scheduling

    • Site management and supervision

    • Client communication and collaboration

  6. Detailing and Ornamentation:

    • Architectural ornamentation

    • Decorative elements

    • Custom detailing

  7. Digital Tools and Software:

    • Computer-aided design (CAD)

    • Visualization tools

  8. Professional Practice:

    • Ethical considerations

    • Client relations

    • Marketing and branding for architects

  9. Presentation Skills:

    • Developing and delivering design presentations

    • Visual communication techniques

  10. Case Studies:

    • Analyzing and learning from successful architectural projects

    • Examining failures and lessons learned

Course Duration is 6 Months 

**For further information on the course and details regarding fees, kindly get in touch with us at

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